Expert Coaching for you to have easier conversations with the people who drive you crazy!

Do you secretly wish you felt more confident when it was time to speak up? Do you put off that conversation until it “feels right” only to find it never really feels right?

Yup, it can be tricky! After all, we don’t want to sound like “a jerk”. 

Asking for what you want isn’t about timing, it’s about understanding our values and the rainbow of personalities around us so we can bridge those differences and experience the joy and respect we deserve in our lives.

For over 30 years, I’ve been helping people just like you improve relationships at home and at work. Are you ready to step out of fear and into your own power?

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During the months we worked together, Monique steered me while giving me the necessary tools to rebuild a part of myself. Without her, I do not think I could have found this path so easily. A big thank you.

Francine R., Marketing Director

My business and second marriage were both affected by my adult daughter. Things improved very quickly. I found my balance and my business is now back on track. And my wife is happier.

Herman, A., Entrepreneur

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5 Results From Working Privately with Monique

  1. Gaining unparalleled insight
    Reclaim your deep desires and tap into the massive potential you have to impact your life and those around you.
  2. Learning what makes you and others tick
    Exploring behavioral personality styles will make communicating so much easier.
  3. Increasing your self-esteem and confidence
    Eliminating negative feelings, making clear-headed decisions and taking action becomes easier than you think.
  4. Changing the way you talk to yourself
    You wrote the script. Change the narratives that no longer work for you for a brighter future.
  5. Having a cheerleader
    Busting through obstacles is easier with someone on your side who understands and can help you avoid potholes.

These programs are for people who are ready for a clearer path to results.

As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and Professional Life Coach with a counselling background, I’m here to help.

We meet over the phone or virtually. This approach has been highly successful because it reduces many of the inconveniences of having to displace yourself.

Busting through obstacles as they arise.  When you invest in yourself, I honor your commitment to growth and we have “flash meetings” outside of “scheduled meetings” when something unexpected comes up.   

Individual Programs Support You to Have:

  • Precision Clarity Of Values And Goals
  • Real Tools To Figure Out Personality Differences
  • Communication Tactics That Unblock Old Patterns
  • Increased Ability To Set Guilt-free Boundaries
  • An Accountability Partner Who Genuinely Cares As Much As You Do

Which Results In:

  • A Richer Sense Of What Makes You Feel Happy And Satisfied
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • More Tools + More Confidence = More Results
  • Better Quality Relationships – Yes, Even With Difficult People
  • Better Performance At Work and Harmony At Home

If it’s time to make some serious and sustainable changes, it’s time for us to talk.

My confidence was at an all-time low and I felt stuck, unable to accomplish anything. Working with Monique, I learned to build on what was truly important to me. I know that the skills I developed have given me the confidence to face future challenges. Thanks Monique!

Mia M., Counsellor

Working with Monique as my Life Coach has been an enriching experience. I would highly recommend Monique to anyone needing to make changes in their lives.

Hélène Paquet, Artist at Large

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When it's time to feel heard and respected

When it’s time to feel heard and respected

Monique’s strategies to empower others to stand up and take control of their personal and professional lives are appreciated by all who meet her.  

Monique is trained and certified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Professional Coach, which she combines with 30 years of crisis intervention work. She is also DISC Certified as a Human Behavior Consultant.

She is excited to witness others transform their relationships and increase their confidence, while feeling more heard and respected at work and at home.

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