Stop procrastinating that request for a behavior change

It can happen to anyone. We decide not to say something, because it seem so innocuous, but now it’s driving us crazy.

If it’s been awhile, we can feel silly for bringing it up. But not saying anything can and often will damage your relationship or your reputation.

Here’s a video on what I tell my clients that helps them over that initial hurdle. Continue reading

Suspect Psychosis? Video of “Say This – Not That”

Bell Let’s Talk was over a month ago. But we need to do that all year. Mental Health Stigma stops us from having frank discussions that make all the difference at work or at home.

So, in the pursuit of giving us another opportunity to talk, I did a webinar(my first) and invited folks to a conversation afterwards. Below is the video of what I taught. Continue reading

The 4 Secrets To Making A Difficult Situation Better

copingPublished on HuffPost.

Anger or anxiety disables our thinking brain. We need to re-calibrate what we are thinking in order to reclaim our emotional balance. That being said, when someone is putting pressure on us or elevating our blood pressure, stepping back and approaching things differently can help improve the outcome. Continue reading

How To Weeble Your Way To Success

Resilience(Published in Huffington Post)

Years ago, as a single mom I was working very hard to reinvent myself with very few credentials to my name. My financial and emotional bank accounts were constantly being drained with demands and responsibilities. There were days where I would have preferred to stay in bed for a month, but I got out of bed, painted on a smile and picked up my boxing gloves; just like every under-employed single mom I knew.

At work, I had a colleague named Raj. He had a Master’s degree in Mathematics, came from a prominent family, and was newly engaged to a professional woman. They were living the dream and had life by the balls! Continue reading

How to Support a Sexual Assault Survivor in the Workplace

sexual-assault(Published in Huffington Post)

OK. So every week I sit and write an article. I try to be practical and use my critical thinking skills looking to give people tools. Honestly, this week, I was truly distracted and disgusted by the Access Hollywood video and subsequent denials by the Republican nominee. While people are asking themselves if he should get a pass because they don’t like his opponent, my mind has gone straight to his victims and how courageous they are. But also, to the victims that are keeping silent out of fear of reprisals from this litigious and entitled wealthy monster. Continue reading

Are You Lying To Yourself About Employee Engagement?

Employee EngagementSo you think you are observant. Everyone seems to be getting along. After all, they come to work everyday and smile when you walk by. If people weren’t communicating well, you’d know! Right?

Today, I decided to do a quick video to share my thoughts on this.


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“Not my problem” escalates anger. Do this instead.

De-escalate angerAs we patiently wait for the admin assistant to call our number at the clinic, a man at the desk is asking her what’s taking so long for the doctor to see him and that he has to get back to the office. He wants to know how much longer. She abruptly says they don’t give times. He asks how many people are ahead of him. Instead of answering, the girl dismissively points to the sign next to her desk and goes in the back where the files are. The sign reads “Aggressive behaviours will not be tolerated”. Continue reading

Mental Health Stigma Creates Mental Illness: A Personal Story

Don't speak upOn January 27th, for the 6th year, Bell Canada is rolling out their incredible “Let’s Talk Program”. They are committed to developing anti-stigma programs in Canadian organizations and offering solutions to Mental Health issues which plague us all.

Let’s get this straight. Mental Health is Physical. The brain is part of your body!  We need to protect it and care for it properly.

In this short video, I share a personal story of how the lessons of stigma affected my ability to speak up and ask for help. I’m one of the lucky ones in that I am OK today. But it was a harder road than it needed to be and if I can help you feel a little less alone, here you go.

If you are wondering about if you should do more about your mental health, just asking that question means that the answer is a resounding YES! Don’t wait for a crisis. I’m going to be blunt here. If you are saying “it’s OK, I’m used to this stress”. Duh. It’s NOT OK and people shouldn’t be “used to” anything chronically unhealthy!

If you are worried about someone you love, there are ways to engage in a conversation to help them not self-stigmatize and accompany them to getting help while protecting your own mental health. If you are risking your mental health to get them health, refer to the paragraph above.

If you would like me to come to your company or organization to Demystify Mental Illness in the workplace, I’d love to hear from you. Education is key to better outcomes.

Feel free to contact me with private messages. May God bless you and protect your brain and those around you!