3 Rules to Increasing our Ability to be Compassionate

increasing compassionSorry I’ve been absent. As soon as I figured out how to operate my video camera, I managed to get one vlog out and then developed a serious case of laryngitis. So as soon as I started doing talking blogs, I couldn’t talk. What message am I supposed to get from that? Hmmm…

While chatting with someone about their very difficult family member the other day, they mentioned to me that they don’t feel a lot of compassion for their loved one. They wondered if they were a “bad person”. I honestly doubt that!

Although I agree that someone who chronically lacks compassion for another person’s experience can be due to a personality issue, I strongly believe that it is more often something else that stops us from demonstrating that noble quality. Either something we are doing, or not doing, something that is taking up too much room in our lives or simply a lack of awareness of what compassion is. So Here is a short video where I cover 3 things to reflect on if we think that compassion in lacking in our lives.



I would love to hear from you. What do you think we need to be mindful of to increase compassion in our world?

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