How do we LEARN to set Better Boundaries?

How To Start Setting BoundariesWOAH! Newsflash: You deserve to feel heard and respected in your relationships.  If you’re like I was, you may have fallen into an unhealthy pattern. I’ve noticed that the prime obstacle on setting boundaries is the fear of damaging the relationship. If so, then remind yourself that it was based on very good intentions.  Over the years, when we have behaved as though avoiding arguments is the prime objective, setting boundaries get procrastinated and we start thinking it’s too late. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. Moving forward, what is the very first step to learning how to set better boundaries?

As a “Recovering Doormat”, in this video I share about the very beginning of this important learning process for me.

Do you easily  know what to say when facing a demanding loved one? How did you master this skill?

I would love to know what you say or do when someone is making unfair demands of you! Please comment below for everyone’s benefit.

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Take care and until next time!

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