The Stigma of Mental Illness: an innocent bystander of the Moncton Tragedy

Moncton shooting and mental illnessThe Moncton shooting is very upsetting. There are no words to describe the fears and the anxiety that people are feeling – including myself. (I have some family there). Not to mention the anger and finger pointing that will happen when they do catch the perpetrator of these heinous acts. My concerns extend beyond the events of the day and how to support a fragile population, who is often maligned when these events occur.

I hope you’ll watch my comments on how to support someone who is suffering from a mental illness in the next little while. And I’d love to know how you feel about the way the medias handle these types of events and the effects on an already suffering population. Let’s face it, this guy needs to be caught and there is nothing that will justify or correct what he has done. I just worry about the rhetoric that is about to follow and the picture of violence that it will paint around the topic of violence and mental illness. I’d love your opinion on this too.

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