Understanding our Boundaries

Setting BoundariesBoundaries are being talked about as a necessity to achieving balance and success. Without a doubt, that is a fact! That being said, I can certainly identify with the challenges involved in developing better boundaries after spending so many years not knowing the simple secrets to setting better boundaries.

Someone asked me for a definition not long ago. She stated knowing she had “bad boundaries” but wasn’t sure why or what made a boundary “bad”. So this vlog goes into an explanation of “bad boundaries” and the first step in improving them.

The one thing I would add to what I said in this video is that it is never too late to improve your boundaries or your relationships. Start small and build on successes.  If you are tired of the long term costs to having bad boundaries with those that matter most, I’m hoping this serves you.

I would love to hear from you. What have you found helps you to set better boundaries? If you have something you would like me to comment on; just let me know below or send me a message and I’ll see if I can do a quick video to share.

In the meantime, I wish you a Peaceful Family and a Productive Life!

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