3 Great Things “Annoying” Fireworks Can Teach You

fireworks MontrealHow we react to the neighbors is a reflection on how we react to our work colleagues. Something as innocuous as fireworks can “set off” a lot of stuff.

I saw an FB post from relatives who hates their neighbor’s fireworks. There’s a reason. Apparently the neighbor has replaced an after dinner walk with shooting 3 or 4 fireworks nightly. Every. Single. Night. The family dog goes into a frenzy. I can understand their annoyance and it is possibly against most municipal laws.

A fun summer activity to one person does not always transfer to everyone. Despite that, here are 3 great things to think about with “annoying” fireworks.

  1.  What a great opportunity to meet the neighbors and widen our circle of friends. People are not usually going out of their way to annoy others and they may actually be quite fun. Open a dialogue with friendship and compromise in mind and you may be surprised.
  2. We should all be engaged in our neighborhoods and communities. More engaged residents lowers crime and increases property values. Annoying fireworks may make an anti-social person get involved municipally to promote changes that everyone would appreciate.
  3. Our reaction to fireworks is a great litmus test for our own inner experience. I have no trouble drowning them out if I’m busy or enjoying them when I have time and can get a good view. Fireworks triggers the good and the bad. If fireworks bother you terribly, there is help and I encourage you to consult for anxiety. If fireworks make you want to partay, know that you are blessed and have fun!

Bonus benefit for the dog lover:

4. Dogs are great mirrors of our feelings. They actually respond to their environment and to their owners who are annoyed or fearful. Learning about doggy psychology to alter their behavior is an experience in self-reflection. Doggy ownership and the health of the dog benefits from understanding what is really going on.

When we stop to think about it, these 3 things: reaching out, connecting with our environment and looking within apply in all difficult situations.

May your Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations be joyful and surrounded by loved ones. Happy Summer!

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