3 Lessons From Highly Successful People

highly successful peopleLesson 1- Highly Successful People Use Their Calculator Differently

I sat down with a new business coach yesterday who I have asked to help me streamline my business and make it more profitable. All coaches will ask you to create some kind of a metric to figure out what to do to move your business to the next level. Like all the other coaches I have worked with, she asked me to figure out how many clients I need to make X amount of money.

Then, Laura Booker, as smart as she is beautiful, used her calculator starting with the number 168. “How many hours do you sleep?” “How much time do you spend on self-care?” “How much time do you spend talking with your family?”

Before we even started this session, I had to log everything I did for a week, from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep. Although it was a week of distractions due to family emergencies and volunteer work that took up too much of my time, I could still see how I let my environment control me instead of me controlling my environment.

We all have 168 hours over the next seven days. What will we do with it?

Lesson 2- Highly Successful People Say “NO” More Often.

Last Saturday, Michelle Cederberg, a High Performance Coach taught us that truly successful people say “no” ALL THE TIME!

This week, remembering what Michelle said, I politely but firmly said “no” to helping someone I consider a friend. She sent me an email saying she needed someone “wise” like me at her table for one of her events and asked me to “please” come as a “volunteer” to help her out. I responded thoughtfully expecting a gracious acknowledgement since we have known each other for years.

This is what I realized. Being “overly helpful” has not served me well in business. She is quite a successful business woman. She protects her agenda. She didn’t waste time in even acknowledging my polite “no”. As a woman, I can be a little naive when it comes to business and friendship.

Lesson 3- Highly Successful People Commit to the Plan

I have moved 27 times in my life. I am an expert when it comes to moving a house. I know to take the number of days left to the move date, calculate the number of boxes that I will be packing, and divide that number. That is the minimum number I commit to packing every day before I go to bed. Sometimes I was packing at 11:30 at night, but I took daily action.

When we read biographies of successful people, they talk about having a habit of daily action to move the needle in their business. Even if they didn’t feel like it! Their commitment to the project is the highest priority. When people say they were an overnight success, they were doing something at 11:30 while the rest of us were in bed.

Basically, whatever your project, you need to be strategic with your time, say “no” often and commit to the plan no matter what.

BTW, if you’re in a hurry to communicate with me, don’t bother sending me a Facebook message. It didn’t make my new daily actions list. 🙂

So now, make a goal with a plan and get started! 


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