3 Powerful Lessons from a GPS

Stay on courseWhile on vacation with my husband, we used the GPS to find our way.

I love the new technology that gives you not only the expected arrival but the potential delays due to traffic.

Every once in a while we would make an unplanned pit stop or have a temporary road detour. In these cases, no matter how many detours we took, the GPS remained unfazed and simply recalculated without it destroying her well-being or mood.

It is a good metaphor for how we should be in business and in life. 

  1. Look ahead to review possible obstacles and delays
  2. Recalculate if you take a wrong turn
  3. Stay serene and patient. Even if you veer off the path, calmly recalculate.

What simple lessons have you learned while on a trip? I would love to hear from you.

I hope your summer holidays were/will be all that you hoped for!

2 thoughts on “3 Powerful Lessons from a GPS

  1. Sometimes the detour was not your doing but the recalculation is still necessary. It’s the ability to stay calm during this period that defines our emotional stability. Thanks for the post!

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