“Recovering Doormats” should speak up!

Assertively SpeakingI was privileged to be at the Global Speaker’s Summit with speakers spanning 5 continents. I had the honour of representing the Montreal chapter of Professional Speakers at the Rising Stars competition where I was warmly embraced by these world class speakers. It was life changing for me.

Cheaper than therapy.

Having spent time surrounded by critics insisting that I squash my voice, be quiet, worry more about other’s feelings than my own or just ridicule my opinions – this speaking experience was life changing. One of the most empowering comments the judges gave me: “don’t interrupt earned applause to continue a planned speech”. 🙂 I am still processing having speakers from the “Hall of Fame” tell me that I’m “onto something” and that I have “it” as a speaker. Wow! Besides having found “my tribe”, the impact on my self-esteem over 3 days beats therapy in every way.

Have you squashed your gifts?

Do you feel that you need to “keep it to yourself”? Please know that we cannot serve the world by tiptoeing around those who are insecure. You recognize them! They judge us or accuse us, causing us to question ourselves; so they can feel more powerful and important. (These are the bullies and bulldozers in our lives.) Strategies on speaking up helps us feel better about ourselves and identifies who we should keep in our life. So join me as a “Recovering Doormat” and R.I.S.E. by SPEAKING UP!  And once you’ve identified the bullies and bulldozers, you may eventually get the courage to walk away. You can’t be a target unless you stick around. Hugs.

You can click here or on the CAPS logo if you want to see the video of my speech on how to R.I.S.E. to better communication. I added close captioning.

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