ANTs are Eating Your Brains: 3 Things to Stop Feeding Them!

3 tips to stop feeding the ANTsI went to the most amazing Saturday event called “Awakening Festival”. One of the challenges of being a Life Coach, is that we are committed to serving the world but we often work alone which can give way to a feeling of isolation.

It is easy for self-doubt to creep in, so, going to such a festival of dynamic business women, who marry spirit with business to achieve happiness and success, nourished my soul.

This is from the Peaceful Family, Productive Life series. When personal relationships matter.

I went to hear one of my favorite speakers (Betty Healy) and was pleasantly introduced to other like-minded speakers-coaches and helpers. The topics we covered were not all happy ones. This is not about being Pollyanna about life but drawing strength from the challenges and growing beyond them.

It got me to thinking about the ANTs in my life and in the lives of my clients. In fact, I specialize in ANT remediation. It is a very rewarding field of work and this week’s video blog is to give you 3 easy tips on how to stop feeding the ANTs that are eating your brains.

As a Family Life Educator and Crisis Interventionist, I started out my coaching years focusing on Family Life.

Now I specialize in understanding the people in our lives who drive us crazy, professionally and personally, so that we can bridge that gap and become more collaborative.


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