How does Mentoring work?

The big difference in mentoring versus coaching is the consultative and educational nature of my programs.

mentoring programsThe pure executive coach relationships is rarely or never directive.  Since I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, I do show up with meaningful questions. However, in addition to that appreciative inquiry, my Mentoring Services  also offer structured guidance and insights to overcome barriers and help you map out actions along the way. Beyond gaining valuable information and experienced support, these programs are for people ready for change and results.

We meet over the phone or virtually. This approach has been highly successful and reduces many of the inconveniences of having to displace yourself. A pleasant advantage  is that we can have a productive conversation while you sit in your favorite chair, drinking your favorite beverage.

And if you travel or have a crazy schedule; no problem! We can still easily connect! When you invest in yourself, I honour your commitment to growth and we have “flash meetings” outside of “scheduled meetings”.   

These Individual Programs Support You to Have:

  • Clarity Of Values And Goals
  • An Accountability Partner
  • The Language on How To Ask For What You Want Assertively
  • Ability To Set Boundaries Without Guilt
  • Empowering New Conflict Resolutions Tools

Which Results In:

  • A Richer Sense Of What Makes You Feel Happy And Satisfied
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • More Confidence = More Results
  • Better Quality Relationships – Yes, Even With Difficult People
  • More Productivity At Work and Peace At Home

Length of Mentoring Programs:

  • VIP Crash Course Intro Day How To Get Started To Articulate What You Even Want
  • 3 month program – The Rules of Engagement When “They Drive You Crazy!”
  • 6 month program – Mastering Relationships And Difficult Conversations

The right program depends on your goals and current situations which we discuss before we begin a mentoring relationship. These programs all include action planning throughout the process.

Check out my “Bio At A Glance” page for info on my qualifications.

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My business and second marriage were both affected by my adult daughter. She was diagnosed with a mental illness but wouldn’t tell me what it was. I thought she was lazy and unmotivated. Sometimes I was running to her side and giving her money, and, at other times, I was punishing her for not having done what I told her to do. Monique really helped me understand what my daughter is going through and helped me set better boundaries while supporting her appropriately. Things improved very quickly once I stopped rescuing her and helped her become more autonomous. She stopped telling me that I “didn’t understand” and I started seeing her smile when I showed up. I found my balance and my business is now back on track and my wife is happier. The most valuable lesson I learned: you can’t run your family like your business!

Herman, A., Entrepreneur, Montreal, Quebec

I started my sessions with Monique during a difficult personal and professional transition period in my life. During this time, my ability to take action was greatly diminished because of self-doubt and negative thoughts I had, as a result of various setbacks I had experienced. My confidence was at an all-time low and I felt stuck, unable to accomplish anything. Working with Monique, I learned to build on what was truly important to me. Working on my vision statement, I was able to clearly lay out my goals and dreams, and easily achieve milestones. This increased my self-confidence and enabled me to face challenges and take even more actions. I can look back today, a stronger, happier person, because of the help I received during that difficult time. And I know that the skills I developed have given me the confidence to face future challenges. Thanks Monique!

Mia M., Counsellor, Montreal, QC, Canada

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No matter how specialized or knowledgeable a professional is, you cannot know if they’re right for you unless you have an initial conversation.