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I was afraid there was something wrong with me and that I could not do anything right in my marriage which was affecting my productivity at work.  The stuff that was going on was nuts and I thought I was in a bad dream. After my first session with Monique, I was shocked that someone would believe me.  She gave me a crash course on personality disorders and I realized that I was dealing with something bigger than just an unhappy wife. People with personality disorders are gifted at blame and accusations – enough to drive another person crazy. Without Monique’s ability to calm me down and give me new ways of approaching my wife, there’s no telling where I’d be right now. Instead, I am now putting my son’s welfare first and keeping my sanity while I rebuild my life. With her support, I feel less angry, less guilty and more hopeful. Also, my revived focus at work has been noticed by my superiors. I owe her a lot!

Tony, R., Engineer

I was overwhelmed with a situation at work, where the director of the community organisation I worked for was verbally aggressive with me, and others. He was a bully, and there were some indications that he was using this as a way to cover his inability to properly lead the organisation. Monique accompanied me through dealings with both my boss and the board of directors, and kept me going even when giving up certainly would have been easier. She reminded me I was worth it and kept me moving ahead with it. My need for self-care was always addressed and she made certain that I was taking care of ME through it all. I’m thrilled to say that it worked out in my favor after seven months of struggle! I continue to use tools that she taught me, now 6 months later, and I am stronger for it. Monique was attentive, present, always considerate of my state of mind, and knew how to nudge me forward. Thanks Monique !

C.D., Coordinator of a NPO

Monique is a person who has an easygoing and reassuring approach which puts you at ease in the first few minutes. Her tone is calm and reassuring, where we can feel safe. During the months we worked together, she steered me while giving me the necessary tools to rebuild a part of myself. Using her as a life coach was very revealing for me as a whole. This gave me the “push” for a new career and return to school. Without Monique, I do not think I could have found this path so easily. A big thank you.

Francine R., Marketing Director

My business and second marriage were both affected by my adult daughter. She was diagnosed with a mental illness but wouldn’t tell me what it was. I thought she was lazy and unmotivated. Sometimes I was running to her side and giving her money, and, at other times, I was punishing her for not having done what I told her to do. Monique really helped me understand what my daughter is going through and helped me set better boundaries while supporting her appropriately. Things improved very quickly once I stopped rescuing her and helped her become more autonomous. She stopped telling me that I “didn’t understand” and I started seeing her smile when I showed up. I found my balance and my business is now back on track and my wife is happier. The most valuable lesson I learned: you can’t run your family like your business!

Herman, A., Entrepreneur

I started my sessions with Monique during a difficult personal and professional transition period in my life. As a result of various setbacks, my ability to take action was greatly diminished because of self-doubt and negative thoughts. I felt stuck, unable to accomplish anything. Working with Monique, I was able to clearly lay out my goals and dreams, and easily achieve milestones. This increased my self-confidence and enabled me to face challenges and take even more actions. I can look back today, a stronger, happier person, because of the help I received during that difficult time. And I know that the skills I developed have given me the confidence to face future challenges. Thanks Monique!

Mia M., Career Counsellor

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Working with Monique as my Life Coach has been an enriching experience. She is naturally intuitive, able to tap into your innermost wants and needs, then helps guide you towards enlightenment in the direction you want your life to take. She will work tirelessly with you in clarifying and simplifying steps needed to make positive changes and achieve yours goals, lending support whenever needed. I would highly recommend Monique to anyone needing to make changes in their lives but who are feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive.

Hélène Paquet, Artist at Large

Life threw a few bricks at me along the way and I was lucky enough to have a person enter my life, who not only taught me how to tend to my bruises, but also help me appreciate the bricks and use them to build something new. In a sensible, direct, yet at the same time, humorous manner, Monique Caissie has given me the skills on how to approach answering questions in my life, that have facilitated making some raw and critical decisions. As well, she has chosen from her vast well of resources and offered me other dependable avenues I am utilizing to attain my goal of bettering myself.

Heather Poirier, Budding Writer

Monique is an extraordinary person with an outstanding ability to listen. Because of her support and tools, I was able to take stock of my life, put actions in place and make strides towards my desired life. Monique allowed me express my fears and she gave me the means to overcome them.  She was also able to alert me to challenges, averting serious consequences. With her help, I have regained confidence in my abilities and now, I am ready to take on even more new challenges! Thank you so much Monique!

Karine L., Elementary School Teacher

I would like to thank you for all your help as a life coach. Your expertise helped me work through my dilemmas. I feel you are extremely insightful and you have the knowledge and experience to make a long lasting influence in my life. Thank you so much! I feel privileged to know you and I will not hesitate to contact you in the future for any difficulties in my life.

Robin Fisher, Dental Hygienist

Dear Monique, I wanted to thank you for your invaluable contribution to our support group program and all the women who benefited from your radiance and support. I am so grateful for the expertise and incredible skills you bring to the table!

Isabelle A. Sayed, Community Outreach Coordinator, West Island Women’s Center

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You deserve to have healthy, respectful relationships with the most important people in your life. Even if they really drive you crazy! If you want to know more about private mentoring, it’s easy to access the online scheduler and have a conversation.

Thank you for letting me talk and for letting me cry! Why don’t people understand how hard it is to lose a child? A miscarriage is just as devastating as any other baby. He was my son! You honoured him and helped me heal and move on. Thank you!


Your gentleness through such a devastating loss means the world to me. I never thought something so horrible could happen to me. Thank you for your time and your calls between meetings. That first conversation was the hardest and the most liberating. I avoided talking about it to not cry and you were so kind and patient to hear the story. I thought I would never laugh again but you were right, talking is the first step to healing. I’m going to be okay but I will always miss her!


Monique’s workshop is still raved about. Families appreciated her support and knowledge in developing skills and personal awareness to better their quality of life. She was a beacon of hope for families in crisis, with her practical and concrete guidance. Her creative ideas and infectious energy were put to good use in the development of a well appreciated self-care workshop for caregivers.

Lucie Discepola, Executive Director, Friends for Mental Health of the West Island

Honestly, I didn’t expect coaching to help as the 3 psychologists I had seen were not helpful. My mom had met Monique and said she was really down to earth and had a different approach. She helped me figure out what was important and set some personal goals. My self-esteem went up when she helped me see my strengths and stop stigmatizing myself. Realizing “I am more than my illness” has helped me feel more hopeful and in control. My life has more meaning, balance and now I can self-manage my own health issues knowing how to speak assertively without letting my anxiety drive the bus. It’s nice to feel like an adult.

Tracy W., Student

I just wanted to thank you for helping me so much during my stay at the center. Your smile and genuine caring was so evident and you made a very difficult situation easier. Having you share your story about your mom really helped me to face my realities. Besides making me laugh, you helped me see my strengths and that there is hope. Thank you for telling me that my illness does not define who I am.  God bless you for everything: your smile, your jokes and your common sense!

Crisis Center client

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Some anonymous feedback after parenting seminars.

Children, Teens to Young Adults:

Monique is an excellent group facilitator. I just think it was over too quickly and I wish I could bring her home with me.

I missed session 4 on The Art of Assertiveness. When I came to the next class, everyone was talking about it and I felt left behind. If I was going to give some advice to others is “don’t miss any sessions” and “take her course”. You are a really dynamic educator and I loved your sense of humour, even when talking about such difficult topics. When is your next course?

I would like to thank you again for a wonderful evening! I attended last night but was not sure what I would get from the meeting. I was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere, the information shared and very encouraged. I will definitely be going back. I greatly enjoyed the experience and am eagerly looking forward to next month’s meeting.

The tools I acquired by Monique has helped me to diminish the arguments with my teenage daughter and improve the communications with my teenage son. I also find that I’m less anxious that they will make difficult decisions – even though I know they have to because “it’s part of separation from parents”. I can’t thank Monique enough for the confidence builder this course seems to have provided. I hope she runs another one. I would come back with my sister and my girlfriend.

My husband and I asked Monique to speak to us about difficulties our child was having at school. She arranged a conference call so we could all be on the phone together and gave us some concrete information. We now feel like we have a plan and it has reduced the conflict in our own relationship.

When you did the session where you covered suicide prevention, I realized how important communicating with my kids really is. I came out of this course with so much more than I thought I would. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Really informative. I hope I can put it all to work as easily as it sounds in class. But like Monique said, small changes make big differences. I will try and remember that.

I was angry when the social worker told me to take your course. Now I can’t thank you enough. I’m not fighting with my 4 year old all the time. Thanks for being respectful but still telling me the truth.

Very interesting stuff. I like the tips to reducing the bedtime fights the best. And now my kids fight less since we talked about rivalry. Very helpful resources.

Monique is a straight shooter but not mean. I can see how important it is to her to help others with kids. It was really good. I liked all the examples that she gave. Made it easier to understand.

I don’t like reading and thought this would give me homework. The homework was play hide and seek for 15 minutes. Who would think that would stop the fighting. I like my kid more now.

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You deserve to have healthy, respectful relationships with the most important people in your life. Even if they really drive you crazy! If you want to know more about private mentoring, it’s easy to access the online scheduler and have a conversation.