Conflict and the ego’s need to be right are ubiquitous in our environment.

At work, it creates toxic environments which destroy productivity and profit. At home, it eats away at love, connection and happiness.

• We need to win at all costs.
• We need to make them wrong.
• We can explain and justify our actions.

Allowing things to escalate, and even pouring gas onto the fire with the above behaviors, is a recipe for disaster.

When maturity kicks in, de-escalation becomes a part of our lives.

• We start looking for common ground.
• We see the bigger picture and have a more inclusive vision.
• We know how to apologize in a way that builds trust and respect.

Making de-escalation our focus when in conflict opens up avenues of helpful conversations. It creates a collaborative environment.
Whether at work or at home, we work at relating with each other with more compassion and respect. We become open to possibilities.

Let’s stop thinking about how “right” we are and start respectfully listening to the other person’s pain/point of view and work to de-escalate the situation before trying to find corrective solutions.

When trouble rears its ugly head, decide to de-escalate and watch things improve.


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