DISC Trainer

DISC Certified Trainers teach you how to understand yourself and others in order to reduce stress and have more success in life!

Four great benefits to learning about your DISC Personality Profile :

  • To improve your bottom line when working and interacting with others
  • To win the approval of others and inspire them to be their best
  • To learn how to support others and encourage team cooperation
  • To gain strategies on how best to work effectively with others.

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Learn to speak DISC and create more powerful and productive teams, recognize and reduce conflicts and go to your strengths with confidence for the most positive outcomes.

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Monique, thank you so much for animating such a fun and informative session! Not only will it help me navigate the relationships in my life, but I immediately could see how to apply this framework to my team at work. Being exposed to new perspectives is eye-opening. I feel more aware of some of the strengths that I was taking for granted, and I also now have a clearer understanding of what I can work on in terms of my communication style. The examples you gave and how you adapted your speech to each group really helped me understand the practical applications. Good luck with your future presentations!

Valérie Taschereau, Audit Associate, Deloitte Canada

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