Why Fight in a War?

When I was in my late teens, I met a pilot who had been in the war. He had been gunned down and managed to escape only by choking a young German soldier with his bare hands. As a tear fell down his face, I remember him saying that “it was a question of him or me so I had to do the unthinkable”. As he watched the life slip from this man’s body, he could not stop thinking that he was someone’s son, perhaps someone’s lover or even a father. This was not a hollywood sanitized experience. This quiet, gentle man got married and raised a family despite emotional scars.

Why fight in a War? My sister shared an exchange between her and our Dad which I now share in the video above. It touched me so much.

Having two soldiers murdered in October seems to have caused people to look up from their mobile devices and remember that that they live in a free and democratic country. Reality has been painful to many but for others, I wonder how much of an impact this will have? I ask myself, how can we elevate the pride and gratitude towards our military year round? I wish I knew!

Despite that , it is my hope that this year, unlike previous years, that people will take a moment on November 11th to pray for those who have served our country with quiet pride. They are soccer moms and dads who teach their kids to ride a bike. They are the retired vet who may not sleep well disturbed by memories they cannot erase.

Do you have a story to share of someone you have known? I’d love to hear from you. And in the meantime, I wish you and everyone that you love, peace and safety!

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