In the New Year: Be a “Human Being” not only a “Human Doing”.

digits  on the sandHave you noticed that we place a lot of importance on what we do? Most women I know, and a few men, have a “to do” list that never ends. But do any of us have a “to be” list? Some of us do make time to “Be”. Here are just 2 simple tricks to add to your “Being” without flying to a beach.

Unplanned Techno Cleanse:

I ignored Facebook and emails. It wasn’t planned; I just felt the need. I scanned my phone to reply to 3 urgent messages in 6 days. Brendon Burchard says that “your inbox is just a convenient place to keep other people’s agendas”. Of the 537 emails I have in my inbox, I no longer feel the need to respond to all of them and, from now on, the “recovering doormat” in me has decided that its time to hit delete way more often. FB friends who are real friends will remain so, even if they don’t hear from me quite so often. That will add hours of available time every week to “BE”.

Who is important?:

I spent an amazing week in Vancouver recently and rubbed elbows with extremely successful, busy people. This is what I learned from them: unless someone is family; if they don’t expand your life – if they don’t demonstrate that they match your personal or professional values, DO NOT freely give them your valuable time. Be selective or the energy vampires will rule your life/business like the marketers will rule your inbox. They will add to your “to do” list, but not necessarily to your personal happiness or your professional success.


My wish for you this next year:

A recent cancer survivor I know has been saying “if you’ve got health, the rest is gravy”. I suspect she might be onto something.

In that spirit, besides wonderful physical and mental wellbeing to you and those you love, in 2014, may you fully “BE”!  I truly wish you all the best in every area of your life! XOXO

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