Learn How To Ask For What YOU Want With More Confidence to Transform Your Communications and Relationships

Do you value people? 

Are you a kind, helpful person? 

But are you unsure about how to get your own needs met? 

Learning from my 30 years as a crisis interventionist and family life educator and just plain doing it wrong for a long time at first, you too can uncover the secrets of How To Ask For What YOU Want

Your past doesn't have to equal your future.

  • Chart Your Path
  • Claim Your Power
  • Live Your Passion

Breakthrough Coaching will help you...

  • Figure out how to finally start conversations you may have been avoiding (even for a long time).
  • Develop tools which will increase your confidence, decrease your anxiety and empower you to advocate for yourself and others without sounding like a jerk.
  • Gain a better understanding for where they might be coming from to have more successful outcomes.
  • Become the model of confidence and respect for your employees and family members.
  • Change the dynamics of your relationships where you feel safe enough to be more honest and authentic.

After all, they can't give you what you want if they don't know what that is!




Mastering Confident
Communication to Live Your

 3 or 6 Months of Private
Breakthrough Coaching



Maybe you're wondering...

How do I know this actually works? I developed the main R.I.S.E. system over 10 years ago. I’ve taught this to young and old, rich and poor and with different educational backgrounds. Teaching this to young adults just starting out to successful executives and business people, the results of improved communication and feeling more heard and respected were the same.

Will it work if I am blocked by anxiety or have had an avoiding pattern my whole life? I have a history of anxiety. My simple system coupled with Personality Styles training takes a lot of the guesswork out of what to say and how to say it to the different people you encounter. Demystifying differences helps us stick to our strengths and appreciate others' strengths too.

Therefore, it decreases anxiety by creating a roadmap or pathway to success. Although this does not replace therapy, it is an additional tool that increases confidence for people who have found themselves chronically in a stress response.

Will it work the same at work as at home? The workplace uses more professional language while we are more casual with friends and family. Yet, the foundation of our communications remains the same and this formula packs a punch when delivered right. You will how to navigate when it's appropriate to share feelings, as well as how (and if) to give consequences.

The weekly calls are meant to tackle presenting problems while teaching these tools.

In The Private Breakthrough Coaching Program, You Get...

  • “Personalized Vision Statement” which is a powerful clarifying process usng Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help you determine your passions and priorities to balance 6 areas of your life.
  • Depending on your personal circumstances and goals, we may speak more than once a week in the early weeks. We may even decide to speak daily for a brief check-up.
  • Recordings of our longer sessions beginning at the delivery of the “Personalized Vision Statement”.
  • Access to me between planned meetings for emails, texts or flash meetings.
  • An accountability partner to support you while you master these new tools.
  • Bonus: A DISC Personality Profiles assessment to take the guesswork out of interacting with others with different personalities.
  • Bonus: A Conflict Styles Assessment to recognize how conflict at work and at home is created.
  • Once you have "graduated", future coaching available at Alumni rates.
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