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Creating harmony in relationships can be challenging because many people struggle to balance their own needs over the needs of others. If you're ready to improve relationships in your life and gain a more active voice,

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Monica Karam

“Monique helped me develop a new internal voice that reminds me to look for win-win solutions when we seem to have different goals. I really appreciate this improvement!”

Monica Karam Founder ADHD Support Montreal
Heather Boyd

“Her sense of empathy shines through.  Her techniques are very accessible. Her enthusiam is contagious and one ends up feeling like you could take on the world!”

Heather Boyd Founder of
Lucie Discepola

“Monique possesses a vast knowledge from a variety of backgrounds. Families dealing with mental illness appreciated her support in developing skills and  personal awareness. She was a beacon of hope with her practical and concrete guidance.”

Lucie Discepola Executive Director, Friends for Mental Health, Montreal
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