3 Strategies to Promote Harmony with Difficult Loved Ones

Promoting Harmony with Difficult Loved OnesYay! My first video blog!

So things can sometimes get a little tense, eh? I know what you’re talking about. I mean, where’s the love? Where’s the harmony?

You know you love them, you are committed to them but it’s hard to remember the last time you felt relaxed and safe enough to show them your love. How do we turn this trajectory around?

This is from the Peaceful Family, Productive Life series. When personal relationships matter.

When we are overwhelmed by the previous conflicts we’ve had with someone important, it is easy to get lost in our fight or flight mode. We need a different approach but that can be easier said than done. 

Instead of reaching for the boxing gloves (out of frustration or self-defense), in the video below, I offer 3 simple things to consider adding to your repertoire to move away from that conflictual tension.

These tips can go far in reducing the conflict and creating a space for peaceful dialogue. In fact, it can be downright miraculous! I’ve seen it!

As a former Family Life Educator and Crisis Interventionist, I started out my coaching years focusing on Family Life.

Now I specialize in understanding the people in our lives who drive us crazy, professionally and personally, so that we can bridge that gap and become more collaborative.

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