Thank you Monique for your input and insight. We appreciate your delivery style.

Yves Laberge, General Manager, Mercedes-Benz, Ontario

Monique’s program on conflict styles and personalities was inspirational and useful. I plan to implement her tools and suggestions on how to reduce conflict, right away.

Selina Yu, CPA, CGA, Senior Accountant at Songhees Nation, Victoria, BC

What a performance! She is as funny as she is relevant. Monique masters her topic, and to our delight, she also masters the art of delivery from the stage.

Sujata Vadlamudy, Entrepreneur, Owner of Attitude Orange

Monique has offered a variety of programs at the WIWC; courses, support groups, and a workshop series. Her professionalism and passion are evident, and she is extremely adaptable at tailoring her message to the group and the circumstances. Thank you Monique!

Connie Brown, Programming and Membership Coordinator, West Island Women’s Centre, Pte-Claire, QC

Nobody falls asleep in Monique’s sessions 514-661-3470 /

For me, the biggest take-away from the conflict talk was to be more proactive with a difficult but important relationship. I realized that timing is everything. I took a lot of notes during the session and I now have a new internal voice that reminds me to look for win-win solutions when we seem to have different goals. Instead of an explosive relationship, we are currently having calm and wonderful conversations instead. Monique, thank you for sharing your tools with us. I really appreciate this improvement.

Monica Karam, ADHD Support Group West Island, Founder

I first heard Monique speak at my networking group and was very impressed with her passion for her subject matter. Her sense of empathy shines through when she talks about her desire to empower others. Her solutions were clear and concise with an emphasis on power poses, word choices and tone of voice. Her concepts for setting boundaries were bang-on. When you listen to Monique you sense that her techniques are very accessible. Her enthusiasm is contagious and one ends up feeling like you could take on the world!

Heather Boyd, Owner and Operator of Heather Boyd Wire – Custom Cake Toppers and Jewellery

Monique was the speaker at a recent women’s networking event that I attended. Her presentation on “Building Better Boundaries for Business” was inspiring, educational and interactive. Rarely have I seen a presentation that engaged such a large percentage of the audience. I would highly recommend Monique as a speaker for your upcoming events.

Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s GPS, Marketing and Business Coach

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After a talk on Boundaries at a Networking Group breakfast meeting, Monique offered a separate two hour workshop on boundaries where we would further learn about how to set specific boundaries in our relationships. I was happy to attend because I took home valuable techniques on how to set boundaries with a win-win outcome. Monique is an excellent communicator, public speaker and brings real life changing examples to the table.

Helen Tanyan, owner and operator of Knock Knock Banners

Monique’s workshop is still raved about. Families appreciated her support and knowledge in developing skills and personal awareness to better their quality of life. She was a beacon of hope for families in crisis, with her practical and concrete guidance. Her creative ideas and infectious energy were put to good use in the development of a self-care workshop for caregivers.

Lucie Discepola, Executive Director, Friends for Mental Health of the West Island, Dorval, QC

Monique Caissie offered an inspired and inspiring speech of giving to others as illustrated by the parable of the Good Samaritan, closing with a modern Parable of the Brick. Her verve and enthusiasm are infectious and a joy to hear. She will be a tough act to follow.

Summerlea United Church, Montreal, QC

Wow! Girl, I think you just showed us how it’s done! You’re onto something with this topic.

Jane Atkinson, Author of “The Wealthy Speaker”, and Judge at the Global Speaker’s Federation (GSF) Summit, 2013

Which is worse? Investing in your people and they leave: or not investing and they stay?

Monique is very outgoing & keeps you interested in learning.

Crystal Mayham , Vice-President, Aboriginal Strategies, Winnipeg, MB

I was impressed with how you facilitated the process instead of imposing your opinions. You are open and innovative, and came in with a blank page and an experiential activity where you encouraged the different groups to express their own ideas. This enabled them to discover their own topics and follow their own paths which deepened our collective learning. You are a true “facilitator” and “educator”.

Dorothy Moffat, Dietitian, Magog, QC

Monique was fun and enlightening! I’m going to Implement standing in front of the mirror posing/smiling

Karen Richards, Acc Tech, Swampy Cree Tribal Council, Winnipeg, MB

The most popular topics you covered was on “Boundaries”, “Improving Self-Esteem” and “Dealing with Difficult People”. This is very much a marginalized group and they were delighted with the time you took to teach them. Despite the cognitive and personality differences in this group, at no time did you roll your eyes or show any negative emotions whatsoever. I was especially impressed at how you stayed calm throughout and totally pulled together unplanned activities on demand. Thank you for immediately “diffusing conflicts” and then moving on without looking back. You are “amazing” for this type of population because you are so non-judgemental and open. My participants want to know when you will come back.

Allison Lahache, Coordinator of YAP, for Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Kahnawake, QC

Monique gave a workshop to about 80 volunteers of a community organization. She has an open and honest approach and a good sense of humour. The theme of the workshop was “How to manage a conflict situation”. She presented some theoretical information in a concise and easy to understand manner. She then involved audience members to demonstrate some of the concepts and participate. The audience found the process and information very helpful for their personal lives and their interactions with the clients of the organization. Audience members very much enjoyed the workshop and felt that it was very worthwhile.

Stephen Wohl, Participant, Cote-St-Luc, QC

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