Speaking Planner Kit

Nobody has ever fallen asleep when Monique speaks!

When you book collaboration expert Monique Caissie, get ready for a speaker who is committed to serving her clients. You will benefit from a memorable, dynamic, useful and highly empowering experience.

Monique holds a B.A. with a Specialization in Human Relations and Human Systems Interventions. She also draws from her experiences as a Family Life Educator where she practiced process driven facilitation. This makes her a master at modifying keynotes and seminars to the client’s particular goals and situation.

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Contents of Speaking Planner Kit:

  • Speaker One Sheet
  • Speaker Bio
  • 10 Compelling reasons to hire Monique
  • High resolution photos
  • Low resolution photos
  • AV requirements
  • 20 Questions before hiring a Personal Development Educator
  • 1 page brochure for each program

Speaker Biography

Like you, people skills expert Monique Caissie has seen the effects of poor communication both at work and at home. Do you sometimes wish you felt more heard and respected? Do you know talented people who hide their brilliance out of fear of disapproval or criticism? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to deal with difficult people without becoming difficult ourselves?

Since 1984, Monique has been studying communication strategies to use in both the corporate environment and in her crisis intervention work. While she appreciates the theory that people learn by coming to their own conclusions, unlike many coaches and counselors, she has always used an educational approach to helping others. Time and time again, after sharing her simple communication concepts, she has witnessed coping skills improve, self-confidence develop and relationships flourish.

Monique has impacted thousands of people through her workshops, seminars and private coaching. Early in her coaching career, Monique’s clients nicknamed her “The Hope Coach” telling her that she gave them hope when they had none. The information she shares empowers and offers transformations.

Working full-time for 16 years in financial services, Monique simultaneously worked part-time as a crisis interventionist and educator. From 2001 to 2013, she dedicated herself exclusively to crisis intervention and counselling.

With over three decades of helping others, having worked in women’s shelters, youth protection, suicide prevention, mental illness, grief support and family counseling, there is very little Monique hasn’t seen that affects our coping skills and relationships. As a speaker, her fusion of real life stories, conversational style and simple strategies connect with her audiences in an accessible and engaging manner.

Monique is a university trained workshop designer and facilitator using experiential learning strategies. Her academic studies include a B.A. with a Specialization in Human Systems Interventions with a Minor in Organizational Psychology where she focused on studying teams and task groups. Previously to her B.A., she was the class valedictorian of her Family Life Education Certificate Program.

After completing her studies, she became a Certified Professional N.L.P. Coach through the Institute of Professional Coaching and is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant / Accredited Trainer for DISC Personality Styles.

She is a Professional Speaker with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and has been awarded the 2015 World Class Speaker Award at the High Impact Speaking Competition in Ottawa.

Monique is committed to delivering quality programs to empower her participants to more confidence, healthier relationships, which makes for happier and more productive teams – even with people who “drive each other crazy”!