How To Stop Avoiding And Start That Difficult Conversation

Stop Avoiding Difficult Conversations

If you are an avoider, you are likely a sensitive person afraid to upset someone. So you hold on to that concern until it seems like a good time to say something when you think it will be well received. And it never feels right. Sigh.

We need to give the people we are avoiding the data they need, so they can give us what we want or need. To help you get a quick start, I condensed my program called “Ask For What You Want” to a simple 4 step cheat sheet.

Grab that cool cheat sheet here!

Then, when you’ve downloaded that script, follow along while I get interviewed on Thrive to Survive.

The interviewer (Zaheen Nanji) asked me to apply my steps to a couple of situations. The rules are the same at work and at home to get started. Take a peek below to get a sense of how to apply these.

If you have a specific situation that you want to apply these steps to but you are unsure, I have a scheduler that I encourage you to take advantage of.

You can access my scheduler here for that complimentary conversation… 

Being an avoider is not a satisfying way to lead your life. The remedy is simpler than you think!

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