Suspect Psychosis? Video of “Say This – Not That”

Bell Let’s Talk was over a month ago. But we need to do that all year. Mental Health Stigma stops us from having frank discussions that make all the difference at work or at home.

So, in the pursuit of giving us another opportunity to talk, I did a webinar(my first) and invited folks to a conversation afterwards. Below is the video of what I taught.

In the video:

  • Learn why they act like they are in denial; but they’re not
  • Uncover the L.E.A.P. system that will improve their outcomes and your relationship.
  • Discover the 7 tips for “Listening Reflectively”

This is a system I learned from the book by the brilliant Dr. Xavier Amador called: I AM NOT SICK, I Don’t Need Help! (I have told so many people to read this book!)

I did make up some notes you can grab after watching the video. I’ve attached them at the end of a feedback form. (No email required to get it.) Click here for the feedback form.

Please share this video on your Social Medias to help others too. I can tell you from personal and professional experience that this information changes lives.

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