The 4 Secrets To Making A Difficult Situation Better

copingPublished on HuffPost.

Anger or anxiety disables our thinking brain. We need to re-calibrate what we are thinking in order to reclaim our emotional balance. That being said, when someone is putting pressure on us or elevating our blood pressure, stepping back and approaching things differently can help improve the outcome. Continue reading

Are You Lying To Yourself About Employee Engagement?

Employee EngagementSo you think you are observant. Everyone seems to be getting along. After all, they come to work everyday and smile when you walk by. If people weren’t communicating well, you’d know! Right?

Here’s an old video to share my thoughts on this.

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3 Reasons To Stop Being So Damn Collaborative

stop collaborating(Published in Huffington Post)

When we think of the best teams, many people aim for collaboration as the most desirable trait in the members and the leaders. While a collaborative approach targets the best win/win scenario that everyone can hope for, there are times where leaders need to step away and adopt a more directive stance.

If we are naturally collaborative, we may have a hard time taking over and controlling the situation.

Here are 3 times when we need to be aware that collaboration is not always the panacea the Buddhists monks may be alluding to. Continue reading

Can Being Too Honest Shoot You In The Foot?

Can we be too honestThis article was also posted on Huffington Post

“I won’t work for someone who is not honest.” Jack said. “I have to trust them or I won’t give them my best. After all, I am always honest and they can take my word to the bank!”

How noble to be truthful. That being said, how it is managed and expressed can be problematic.

In this recent conversation, Jack is telling me how unlucky he’s been, working for all these dishonest companies, he’s thinking of leaving his current employer. He is complaining to me how people should appreciate his deep integrity. Continue reading

Do You Like Me?

do you like me?The social implication of being liked or accepted can weigh heavily on some of us. Feeling that we have to be liked can be a part of our DNA or an expectation that was foisted upon us by our families.

When I am assisting others, I usually have 20/20 vision. Everything was obvious to me over the past 8 days while I helped 4 different people with a difficult person or group they were interacting with.

Then I went away for the weekend to a church retreat with my husband, Gerry. One woman’s apparent dislike of me bothered me greatly.  I wondered if I had somehow offended her. Continue reading

How Leaders Can Improve Teamwork And Build Trust


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Huffington Post - How Leaders Can Improve Teamwork And Build TrustHave you ever worked in a group? In my academic studies, I found it interesting that the concept of Storm and Stress could be found in both the earlier studies of task group conflicts and family dynamics.

Anyone who has been around a touchy adolescent girl and her mother when they trigger each other can easily spot the extremes of emotion occasionally getting expressed.

Similarly, this tension can appear in immature groups. After a time of forming, leadership gets questioned and conflict can erupt with similar extremes of emotions, especially when the group has a diversity of personality or opinions. Conflict is a normal part of the growing pains of a group. Continue reading