What do you mean “Just”?

I have a client who is dealing with a bad boss. Her boss gets hysterical over inconsequential things, doesn’t plan well or communicate with the staff and is putting the organization at risk.

Her life is spent putting out fires while his is spent lighting them.

Although she has bravely spoken up and alerted the people above him, this will take a while. Continue reading

The 4 Secrets To Making A Difficult Situation Better

copingPublished on HuffPost.

Anger or anxiety disables our thinking brain. We need to re-calibrate what we are thinking in order to reclaim our emotional balance. That being said, when someone is putting pressure on us or elevating our blood pressure, stepping back and approaching things differently can help improve the outcome. Continue reading

Vacations! Whoopee! Can you unplug completely?

Boss drives me crazyWhen I overheard those friends in a restaurant booth talking about the boss going away, I chuckled.

Twenty years ago, as an office manager for a controlling and intense financial professional, the whole staff would look forward to his business trips and vacations.

When he was away, I would give each of my staff a “mental health day” at home. They needed to recuperate from the intensity of pleasing this impossible to please person. I insisted that they go home and catch their breath. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why People Won’t Admit They’re Wrong

apologizeThis article was also published by Huffington Post under a different title.

Wouldn’t it be great if when people were wrong, they could just ‘fess up, apologize and take different actions to moving forward? Just imagine the increased opportunities of positive and productive workplaces. Call me a dreamer!

Unfortunately, egos get in the way and fear stops us from acting on our healthier options. Continue reading

5 Compelling Reasons to Leave that Horrible Boss

5 Compelling Reasons(Published on Huffington Post)

A good friend speaks about a boss at work, starting his stories with “you’re not going to believe what Paul did, but… “

His boss’ narcissistic ways are legendary. Recently, Paul was explaining to his executive assistant that when people are intellectually inferior and you really want to help them, you hire them as your executive assistant.  This was one of his kinder moments. HR has had to do several interventions, but this guy obviously knows some people. Continue reading