Knitting Lessons about Business Procrastination

At one point, I asked Dad to teach me how to knit. My first project was some uneven potholders for my mom. They were yellow. Of course, Mom loved them.

Eventually, wanting to do follow more intricate patterns, I bought a book on how to knit.

I was having a difficult time understanding one of the steps for a sweater and asked for advice.

The girl at the knitting store told me that I was holding my yarn and needles in the wrong hands. I was basically knitting backwards. Continue reading

Embarrassment Almost Cost Me My Life

This was published on Huffington Post.

asthma can killIt is December 4 and there are probably 40 people in the room at the “welcome cocktail” for the volunteers of our annual convention. I hug an acquaintance, start catching up and then I start coughing. I take a sip of my wine but the mucus in my throat seems to get thicker.

Cough. Cough. Wheeze. Cough. Some people are looking at me. Oh, how embarrassing.

Deciding to catch my breath privately, I leave and head down the hall looking for a ladies’ room while digging for my asthma puffer. Continue reading

The Surprising System That Has Transformed Moms’ Lives

Happy MomWhile visiting a friend over the weekend, she told me that she has been sharing my amazing system with many of her friends who are moms or mompreneurs. Apparently it has been transformative to every friend she shared it with.

I was pleased and curious to know what system I had shared that made such a difference to other women. Something from my assertive communication strategies? My self-esteem boosters? Her response surprised me!

When she had stayed with us in the past, she noticed that there was no laundry on the floor in the laundry room. Having 3 children, this baffled her.

I had an office near our laundry room which is also a bathroom so I didn’t want stuff all over the floor. To combat Mount Washmore, each bedroom has a laundry hamper. The laundry stays in the bedroom until the hamper is full.

She raved about my “system”. Who knew? Obviously, everything we do well is part of a system. From filing things, setting up meetings, keeping our inbox empty or keeping the fridge both full and clean.

What life simplifying systems have you created that reduces clutter or extra work in your day-to-day or professional  life?  Feel free to share them!

3 Powerful Lessons from a GPS

Stay on courseWhile on vacation with my husband, we used the GPS to find our way.

I love the new technology that gives you not only the expected arrival but the potential delays due to traffic.

Every once in a while we would make an unplanned pit stop or have a temporary road detour. In these cases, no matter how many detours we took, the GPS remained unfazed and simply recalculated without it destroying her well-being or mood.

It is a good metaphor for how we should be in business and in life. 

  1. Look ahead to review possible obstacles and delays
  2. Recalculate if you take a wrong turn
  3. Stay serene and patient. Even if you veer off the path, calmly recalculate.

What simple lessons have you learned while on a trip? I would love to hear from you.

I hope your summer holidays were/will be all that you hoped for!

My Opinion on a Clergy’s Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage

This image is from the article called "Some Advice on Same-Sex Marriage for U.S. Church Leaders From a Canadian

This image is from the article called “Some Advice on Same-Sex Marriage for U.S. Church Leaders From a Canadian

A friend whose opinion I value called this article “most balanced and sensible … from the Christian perspective”.

Read it here: Some Advice on Same-Sex Marriage for U.S. Church Leaders From a Canadian

I read it with curiosity and anticipation. Sadly, I disagree with the author and have to say something. Continue reading

What I answered when I was asked: “Are you a Feminist?”

March 8, International Women's Day (english text 1)As I dug shards of broken glass out of her head and called for backup, the children were disengaged from the event. The baby was sleeping, the 2 year old boy stared into space while the 5 year old girl stared at her brother. Mom was telling me that she can’t go to the hospital because her children needed her here. Another night shift at the women’s shelter in 1984. Continue reading

Birth day and the ‘middle wife’

Little girl with a baby carriage

Erica’s brother’s birth day.

I’ve been away on holidays and I’ve had a wonderful time re-energizing! I strongly encourage you to do the same! Getting back to business is not always smooth and my brain is still somewhat on holidays. But I did want to post something that would help you reduce stress in your own life. So, today, my blog’s purpose is to make you laugh out loud!

I received one of those joke emails today that I simply must share with the world, titled, ‘The Middle Wife’ by an Anonymous 2nd grade teacher. Continue reading