The Surprising System That Has Transformed Moms’ Lives

Happy MomWhile visiting a friend over the weekend, she told me that she has been sharing my amazing system with many of her friends who are moms or mompreneurs. Apparently it has been transformative to every friend she shared it with.

I was pleased and curious to know what system I had shared that made such a difference to other women. Something from my assertive communication strategies? My self-esteem boosters? Her response surprised me!

When she had stayed with us in the past, she noticed that there was no laundry on the floor in the laundry room. Having 3 children, this baffled her.

I had an office near our laundry room which is also a bathroom so I didn’t want stuff all over the floor. To combat Mount Washmore, each bedroom has a laundry hamper. The laundry stays in the bedroom until the hamper is full.

She raved about my “system”. Who knew? Obviously, everything we do well is part of a system. From filing things, setting up meetings, keeping our inbox empty or keeping the fridge both full and clean.

What life simplifying systems have you created that reduces clutter or extra work in your day-to-day or professional  life?  Feel free to share them!

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