Vacations! Whoopee! Can you unplug completely?

Boss drives me crazyWhen I overheard those friends in a restaurant booth talking about the boss going away, I chuckled.

Twenty years ago, as an office manager for a controlling and intense financial professional, the whole staff would look forward to his business trips and vacations.

When he was away, I would give each of my staff a “mental health day” at home. They needed to recuperate from the intensity of pleasing this impossible to please person. I insisted that they go home and catch their breath.

Looking back, I remember that I didn’t take a day myself. I needed the time he was away to catch up. Also, I imagined that if he called (which he did) and I didn’t answer the phone, he would have had a heart attack. Reflecting back, I now realize how silly that was. I needed that day just as much as my employees.

Starting this Friday, I am running away with my husband for a road trip. I will be bringing along my computer. Oops. Hmmm… Maybe I need to take my own advice? But man, oh man…

Let’s be honest, despite the studies, most of us will not completely unplug. We will justify it saying things like:

When we are self-employed, especially in the early years when we are basically a team of one, we don’t always practice what we preach. Although I know that I need to reconnect with my husband and that I need to recharge my batteries, I’m telling myself the same stories that other solopreneurs tell themselves.

  • I have this chronic desire to build momentum and keep it going.
  • My to-do list is huge.
  • My virtual assistant is too recent to hand stuff over without my ulcers acting up.

I am starting to rethink it though.

Intellectually and statistically, I know my productivity will improve. However, my own advice is hard to follow. How do you force yourself to unplug? Any tips?

I hope you have some time set aside for yourself!


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