How I Use a Potato Sack To Turn Down The Stress

Potato Sack MeditationI was reading this cool hack that offers the “Doorknob Practice for Self-Engagement” as a mindfulness practice. It brought me back to the many rave reviews my clients have given me after I have taught them this simple (and a little silly) trick when the stress levels are high. When my clients have used my “Potato Sack Meditation” under periods of stress, they invariably tell me how surprised they are at how quickly it made a difference.



What’s your favorite stress-buster hack? The easiest or silliest one you’ve used? I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “How I Use a Potato Sack To Turn Down The Stress

    • LOL, I got a new spam filter and didn’t see this until today. I love me a cup of green tea too. Happy New Year.

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