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Relationships can be either a blessing or a curse. Transforming how we interact begins with knowledge and self-awareness. 

Demystify the "People Puzzle" by DISCovering the Model of Human Behavior to understand how our personality blends can interact more effectively.

Understand Your Personality Style

In this 10 minute online self-assessment, you will uncover the easiest way to transform how you conduct your relationships with people that matter to you. Perfect for any individual wanting to improve the quality of their professional relationships.


This assessment is more robust than its simplicity would suggest at first glance. For example, while consulting with a DISC certified consultant, an organization can request a report that lays out where every member of a team fits on the model which uncovers their optimal way of working and communicating with one another.

Imagine knowing where everyone fits on the spectrum and how their personality blends interact with one another.  DISC is more than just a personal assessment. It’s a powerful tool that transforms a key stakeholders or an entire organization.

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Want to add a consult for more impact?

If you purchase an adult assessment of 30 pages or more, within 15 days of your purchase, you may book a one hour private consultation for a one time introductory price of $125 CAD.

Bring Monique in to reduce conflict, to improve the workplace culture or as a reward for your high performing teams.

Learn to speak DISC and create more powerful and productive teams who know how to go to their strengths for the most positive outcomes.


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“I was afraid there was something wrong with me and that I could not do anything right in my marriage which was affecting my productivity at work. The stuff that was going on was nuts and I thought I was in a bad dream. After my first session with Monique, I was shocked that someone would believe me… Without Monique’s ability to calm me down and give me new ways of approaching my wife, there’s no telling where I’d be right now. Instead, I am now putting my son’s welfare first and keeping my sanity while I rebuilt my life. With her support, I feel less angry, less guilty and more hopeful. Also, my revived focus at work has been noticed by my superiors. I owe her a lot. “

Tony R., Engineer

“I was overwhelmed with a situation at work, where the director of the community organization I work for was verbally aggressive with me and others… Monique accompanied me through dealings with both my boss and the board of directors, and kept me going even when giving up certainly would have been easier. She reminded me I was worth it and kept me moving ahead. My need for self-care was always addressed and she made certain that I was taking care of ME through it all. I’m thrilled to say that is worked out in my favor after seven months of struggle! I continue to use tools that she taught me, now 6 months later, and I am stronger for it. Monique was attentive, present, always considerate of my state of mind, and knew how to nudge me forward. Thanks Monique!”

C.D., Coordinator of a NPO

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