Mental Health Stigma Creates Mental Illness: A Personal Story

Don't speak upOn January 27th, for the 6th year, Bell Canada is rolling out their incredible “Let’s Talk Program”. They are committed to developing anti-stigma programs in Canadian organizations and offering solutions to Mental Health issues which plague us all.

Let’s get this straight. Mental Health is Physical. The brain is part of your body!  We need to protect it and care for it properly.

In this short video, I share a personal story of how the lessons of stigma affected my ability to speak up and ask for help. I’m one of the lucky ones in that I am OK today. But it was a harder road than it needed to be and if I can help you feel a little less alone, here you go.

If you are wondering about if you should do more about your mental health, just asking that question means that the answer is a resounding YES! Don’t wait for a crisis. I’m going to be blunt here. If you are saying “it’s OK, I’m used to this stress”. Duh. It’s NOT OK and people shouldn’t be “used to” anything chronically unhealthy!

If you are worried about someone you love, there are ways to engage in a conversation to help them not self-stigmatize and accompany them to getting help while protecting your own mental health. If you are risking your mental health to get them health, refer to the paragraph above.

If you would like me to come to your company or organization to Demystify Mental Illness in the workplace, I’d love to hear from you. Education is key to better outcomes.

Feel free to contact me with private messages. May God bless you and protect your brain and those around you!


5 thoughts on “Mental Health Stigma Creates Mental Illness: A Personal Story

  1. I don’t call it Mental Illness because the word illness stigmatizes the Mental Health Community and I refer to only to Mental Health as Society perceive mood and behaviour as a sickness. We must think in a positive way and promote wellness to enhance recovery. I believe in the power of education and the gift of knowledge as I am tacking Stigma as an Advocate. We must have dialogue and why does Society makes us feel shame for a condition that no-one brings upon themselves. We are part of Humanity no more, no less but as equals and we can prove that we can contribute to Community. To find true courage you do not have to follow the yellow brick road to see the wizard or tap you ruby slippers three times to be back in Kansas. True courage is within to overcome Life’s challenges becoming a stronger person.

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