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What a performance! She is as funny as she is relevant. Monique masters her topic, and to our delight, she also masters the art of delivery from the stage.

Sujata Vadlamudy, Entrepreneur, Owner of Attitude Orange

When you book communication expert Monique Caissie, get ready for a speaker who is committed to serving her clients. You will benefit from a memorable, dynamic, useful and highly empowering experience.

Monique holds a B.A. with a Specialization in Human Relations and Human Systems Interventions and is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant for DISC. She also draws from her experiences as a Family Life Educator where she practiced process driven-facilitation. This makes her a master at modifying keynotes and seminars to the client’s particular learning goals and situation.

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3 Powerful Programs:
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How To Start The Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding

Monique Caissie SpeakingIt’s time to give others the data they need to meet your needs. This simple 4 step approach demystifies the elements of respectful and direct communication. Imagine how much better your environment will be when the doormats learn to speak up and the bullies learn to make their requests more respectfully.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Directly ask for what you want without pleading or attacking
  • Increase collaboration in the difficult people in your life
  • Understand when and how to set consequences
  • Set better boundaries and say “No” with more confidence and respect

This is perfect for professionals who find themselves at a loss for words and then feel the moment has passed. These strategies and tips are starting points to open up valuable dialogues and increase confidence and personal effectiveness. I you find yourself hesitating, this is your starting point.

Help the brilliant people in your organization live up to their full potential. Give them the communication tools to deal with the people who drive them crazy!

Your style includes the participation of the audience, which is the best way to learn. I believe this toolbox will be helpful at home too.

Christina Hurley, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Deaf/Blind Intervenor & Driver/Guide

Her entrepreneurs’ presentation on “Building Better Boundaries for Business” was inspiring, educational and interactive. Rarely have I seen a presentation that engaged such a large percentage of the audience. I would highly recommend Monique as a speaker for your upcoming events.

Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s GPS, Marketing and Business Coach

How To Go From Conflict To Collaboration

st pat's square

Do you wonder why Mary clams up when she disagrees and why John yells louder when he’s not getting what he wants? Understanding your underlying needs helps you elevate the quality of your relationships and problem-solving skills. Increase your team’s confidence, creativity and productivity by understanding what drives our behavior when we have a difference of opinion.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand what’s behind the conflicts
  • Identify which of the 5 modes of conflict you and your colleagues fall into
  • Elevate respect and trust amongst team members

Any organization who wants to elevate the civility and collaboration when different personalities are involved will find this program invaluable.

Drawn from the brilliant Thomas-Kilmann models of conflict, this program empowers people to make different behavior choices to improve relationships and outcomes.

Great Presenter! Kept the audience interactive while teaching us how to deal with stress in a good way. There was just the right amount of information presented that I can use right away.

Maxine Murdock, Executive Assistant, Fisher River Economic Development Corp

Monique has offered a variety of programs at the WIWC; courses, support groups, and a workshop series. Her professionalism and passion are evident. and she is extremely adaptable at tailoring her message to the group and the circumstances. Thank you Monique!

Connie Brown, Programming Coordinator, West Island Women’s Centre

A Facilitated Dialogue to Tackle the Taboos

ottawaLooking for a facilitated dialogue to find solutions that feel good to your organization? You’ve come to the right place.

Unless you are a hermit, you and your colleagues are affected by mental health concerns. Avoiding these concerns is the wrong approach and can cause many other problems. That’s why smart organizations are proactive where they invite education and practical dialogue. This enables them to respond in a humane and practical manner when faced with such challenges.

Because there are as many scenarios and circumstances as there are workplaces, people and families, this facilitated process is modified to answer the concerns or goals of the requesting audience.

You pick a learning objective and Monique facilitates the dialogue.

Sample topics to dig into:

  • How to speak to someone you suspect is in denial of their mental illness and might need an assessment
  • What the difference is between a mental illness and a personality disorder?
  • How to support someone whose family member or loved one is seriously ill
  • How to reintegrate someone into the workplace while being both supportive and respecting their privacy
  • The importance of setting limits with someone, even if you are worried about their emotional fragility
  • How to recognize suicidal signs

We are not defined by the challenges or diseases in our lives! A mental illness diagnosis is a condition which ebbs and flows, just like our bank accounts ebb and flow. These dialogues empower and educate people who are suffering, and also those who care about them.

Perfect for Leaders, Managers and other Smart People.

This facilitated program can be customized from 90 minutes, half-day, full-day to a multiple day event. You can also request a breakout for key leaders in an organization after a keynote. This experience is limited only by your imagination.

Please note:

Monique will not be offering diagnoses or treatment. These facilitated sessions are meant to open the dialogue and share information.

Monique’s workshop is still raved about. Families appreciated her support and knowledge in developing skills and personal awareness to better their quality of life. She was a beacon of hope for families in crisis, with her practical and concrete guidance. 

Lucie Discepola, Executive Director, Friends for Mental Health of the West Island

Monique helped me figure out what was important and set some personal goals. My life has more meaning, balance and now I can self-manage my own health issues knowing how to speak assertively without letting my anxiety drive the bus. It’s nice to feel like an adult.

Tracy W., Montreal, Quebec

I just wanted to thank you for helping me so much. Your smile and genuine caring was so evident and you made a very difficult situation easier. Thank you for telling me that my illness does not define who I am.  God bless you for everything: your smile, your jokes and your common sense!

Crisis Center Client, Montreal, Quebec

All topics are available as:

  • Keynotes or Breakouts at Special Events
  • Strategic Work Sessions in House
  • Facilitated process as part of a larger consulting experience
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